Do you believe in this?


Februari 2019

"Do you believe in this?". A neighbor recently asked me this. She knows about the sessions I give in my practice  and we had sometimes spoken about it.  A little, because I felt that it was far beyond her own reality. Which is completely comprehensible.

Yet it turned out that my stories had set things in motion. She told me she suspected that her grandson was highly sensitive. We talked about blockades and I told her that in sessions a birth trauma regularly came forward. Which made her ask: do you believe in this?"

How could I explain that it was not a matter of believing, but a "knowing"? Knowing from experience? Because both clients and I experienced what had happened during the birth process?
The experience of the physical oppression in the birth canal turned into a deep conviction that he or she could not handle life. The baby experienced at the same time the dark (life on earth) and on the other hand the light from which they came.
It was a struggle during birth: choosing between the dark of earthly existence or the safe warmth and unconditional love of  source, the light, where we all come from.

In the session people have a kind of rebirth. They make contact with the baby they once were and which is still present in them. They experience the light they have left, which causes a deep grief. Tears flow from nothing. Letting go of this grief is healing for the soul.
Then they ask the baby, who is still present in them, how it feels, what it needs to be born safely. The support and presence of their "grown-up" version of them helps the baby to let go of fear and to choose more confidently for life. We ask for help from the universe, so that they come back into contact with their own inner light and their strength.

From a mental point of view, a baby obviously does not understand what is happening. The brain is far from finished and it doesn't know cause and effect. Consciousness, on the other hand, is omnipresent.
A baby experiences so much more than we suspect. The consciousness is at the soul level and we can get in touch with it, whether we are adults, children or deceased. We take the experiences we have during our birth into our lives in our subconscious.

To return to the question of my neighbor: I did not go deeply into it. The above experiences can not be expressed in words. And they are not at all comprehensible if you don't have any experience of a larger reality. That does not matter at all. The fact that people experience life differently after the session, lighter, is proof that it was real. After this experience, they no longer have the indefinable feeling that they have felt their whole lives. And they manage to manifest better. With more confidence and strength.

What struck me was what she said afterwards: "I have never heard of it".
There she made a point. In the regular mental health care there is little regard for the subconscious. Just as in the media.  Anything that smacks to a larger reality is dismissed as "wishy washy". I notice that the tide is starting to turn. The consciousness of humanity is growing. Just like the need for answers that we can not find with our minds. We are remembering who we are.🌟.






Sometimes the baby is so distressed that is passes through a near-death experience. This makes this little human being even more aware about the choice for the light or the dark.
The people who are born alive have made the choice for the dark at soul level, the uncertainty of earthly existence. But with quite some resistance. In the session it becomes clear to them that they have a task to fulfill on earth. This task could be: going through certain life lessons, healing their future parents or making a contribution to raising awareness on earth. This task is more important than the fact that life becomes "nice": it just has to be done.
Once on earth, people are often no longer aware of their mission. The contrast between earthly existence with struggle, competition and envy on the one hand and unconditional love in the other dimension on the other hand is immense. People become entangled in the earthly worries and forget who they are and why they are here.
When they become aware of this again, the resistance to earthly existence decreases.

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